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Chewbacca’s Senior Portrait

I framed a photo of Chewbacca the Wookiee for MaryAlice's nightstand. The girl loves Chewie.


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Tardy Slip

My patience has reached new heights  this week as my oldest dog recovers from surgery on his ACL, my husband finishes an almost 2 week stretch of being on-call, and regular life refuses to accommodate for that by slowing down.  Here’s how our morning went today.

*To be clear: I provide this for your enjoyment, because I had to laugh even while it was happening.

9:00  Naya is fed. We are mostly dressed.  I am even showered.   It is looking like we’ll make it to our morning activity with plenty of time.
9:01 Pass cat box. Notice a cleaning need.  Take care of it.
9:02 Naya refuses to have her hair combed and put up. I try for about 2 minutes (choices, sprays, songs, acrobatics– you name it) and then give up– leave her in room to finish other tasks telling her to let me know when she’s ready.
9:03 Take Mancho (the identified patient) outside for his potty break on leash– because 1. apparently I need to worry about him hobbling away with three legs in our fenced yard and 2. he refuses to move without it.
9:05 Come in. Fill Kongs.  Naya comes out ready to do hair.
9:06 Wash hands. Hair done. Naya decides to give Kongs to dogs.  Excitedly throws Kong at Mancho in living room (does not hit Mancho).  CHICKEN EVERYWHERE.
9:10 Chicken cleaned off carpet.  (THERE WAS CHICKEN ON MY CARPET)  Put Benny (other, very concerned dog who is not to be trusted without supervision– he cuddles too close) in dog crate.
9:12 Wash hands.  What is that smell?  Clean up cat diarrhea next to cat box. Yes, that’s right.
9:13 CRASH! 
9:13:02 “Uh oh, Mama!”  Naya has pulled down the lamp in her room in order to get the unused collar cone that husband inexplicably thought should be stored there.
9:15 Lamp is cleaned up. (But not before sending a photo text of the devastation to the hubs entitled “This is Why We Don’t Have Nice Things!”) Where is Naya?
9:18 Benny is back in dog crate.
9:19 Naya wipes her nose on my shirt (2 year old molars).
9:23 New shirt selected and donned.
9:24 Coats and shoes on
9:25 Reheat coffee whilst assembling diaper bag, snack, juice, and kid–then leave it to cool, forgotten on kitchen counter as we head out the door.

9:26 Realize Naya has pooped.  Go back in and change diaper.

9:32 On our way to Funshop.  Which started two minutes ago.

So, some days we ponder the big stuff, and some days we just try (often futilely) to leave the house on time without anything stuck to our pants.



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